Cochrane Ideas – April 2022

Nathan Klassen

Friday, April 8 at 7:00 pm

King Solomon Lodge
120 Centre Avenue, Cochrane

Innovation is often linked to high tech. In Cochrane there are many examples: Garmin (formerly Dynastream Innovations), 4iiii Innovations, and mcThings, just to name a few. But innovation is broader than this definition. And shows itself in every corner of our community. Or has the potential to …

Presenter Nathan Klassen has spent a great deal of time on the topic of innovation, both personally and professionally. Currently leading at CP Rail in the Innovation & Business Transformation group, his professional path has also taken him through related roles in Continuous Improvement, Change Management and Organizational Effectiveness. As a senior leader in both business and not-for-profit settings, Nathan has seen these themes play out in all organizational forms. His most recent studies have targeted practices and frameworks relating to personal transformation leading to organizational transformation leading to systemic transformation. This commitment to innovation and transformation at all levels has fueled his passion for the creation of an innovation centre in Cochrane, the community he and his wife and 3 daughters have called home for 7 years now. Four years of community-level advocacy contributed to the creation of The Station: the transit hub and innovation centre currently under construction across from Nan Boothby Library. Nathan’s current community focus is the launch of Innovate Cochrane, a community-initiated, community-informed organization dedicated to fostering and releasing innovation for meaningful impact in Cochrane and beyond.

In his presentation, Nathan will dig into the topic of innovation, sharing the qualities, mindset and practices that encourage its release – at a personal, organizational and community level. Drawing on his learning and experience, he will provide insights into key contributors to the successful release of innovation at a community level, including real-world examples within the Innovate Cochrane story. Questions and group discussion to follow – please do join us!