Cochrane Ideas – Apr 2018

A Very Long Walk

An evocation of the ancient Camino of Santiago
pilgrimage journey across Northern Spain
to Santiago de Compostella.

With Doug Bouey

7 pm., Friday, April 13th
At King Solomon Lodge, Centre Avenue, Cochrane

Please bring snacks if you can. Doors open at 6:15 p.m.

Context determines everything – dictates our drives, our successes and the limitations of everyday reality. It’s hard to see over the sides of the box we’re in – except when we jump over the sides and shake up our view of things.

Doug will put us into a radically different context – the mindspace and the physical reality of a very long walk as he takes us up and over 350 kms from Leon to the great Cathedral of Saint James in Santiago. Buen Camino!

Doug Bouey – Calgary presidential mentor and company change process leader – made a fluke choice more than 13 years ago to walk the Camino of Santiago – the venerated pilgrimage route that transits Northern Spain. Guided to the experience by spirit, Doug found it to be life altering. Every moment of that first trip is seared into memory. Since then two more Very Long Walks have had their way with him.

Working in the mid-market scale of companies – not too small, not too big – Doug has a track record of inducing significant changes in fortune for his clients. He is the author of Resolution – Getting out of Relationship Purgatory and Space and Grace – life experience for a new cadre of men of a certain age.

Doug writes and paints as well as continuing to walk – it’s a habit that’s hard to shake!