Cochrane IDEAS – Feb 2018

Mind, Meditation & Mysticism


7 pm., Friday, February 9th
At King Solomon Lodge, Centre Avenue, Cochrane

Please bring snacks if you can. Doors open at 6:15 p.m.

“Cosmic meditation is not an escape but recourse to a fountain of wisdom.  It results in a spiritual influx, the results of which the objective mind can translate into procedures, into useful ways of living.  What the mystic receives through such meditation must be passed on to humanity.  This is accomplished by transmuting such experiences into material realities, objective knowledge, in which others may indulge….”  Ralph M. Lewis

Mysticism and esoteric teachings have been practiced by scientific and theological luminaries for centuries.  They’ve harnessed their minds to solve problems and answer questions in their select field of study.  To accomplish this, meditation is used to access the highest levels of their consciousness.  Using the mind in this fashion is one of the most effective means of healing one’s self.  It is also the most versatile and useful tool we have at our disposal. Remember all three levels of being are interconnected; material, mental and cosmic.  Join Dale in better understanding the power of meditation for health purposes.

Dale Portman is a retired park warden who was a professional dog handler for twelve years while working in the field of mountain rescue.  He has written three books and co-written a fourth about his experiences working in the Canadian Rockies.  He has completed a manuscript titled “Through Adversity to the Stars” (a soul’s journey across the universe) and has published it on line.  He has another book that’s due out next year, a non-fiction account of his & Kathy’s many trips to China over the years and the changes witnessed.  He spent 17 years working in Jasper National Park and has spent 13 years working in Yoho, Lake Louise and Glacier/ Revelstoke National Park.  He was a member of the Jasper Park Masonic Lodge 143.  He has been a member of the modern Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) since 1991.  He is the president of the Park Warden Service Alumni Society and he and his wife Kathy Calvert live in Cochrane, Alberta.


Live, interactive theatre engendering potentially radical social change? Vancouver’s Theatre of Living, founded in 1981, is holding two plays at the MacEwan Hall Ballroom at UofC on 17 and 18th February, hosted by the Faculty of Social Work.  Focusing on Reconciliation and dealing with tough, current issues, they will be a very relevant followup to our September IDEAS evening with 5 Nakoda (Stoney) people as speakers.
For tickets and details please see

Cochrane IDEAS wishes to thank Fred Stenson, local and renowned author
for the wonderful presentation on February 12 which gave us a behind-the-scenes look at his life and writing. There was a big turnout and very positive feedback from audience members.

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