Cochrane Ideas Mission Statement
Founded: October, 2000

Cochrane Ideas promotes the exchange of respectful, knowledgeable and yet rigorous positions on a wide range of subjects. Guest speakers and discussions have over our 19 years focused on economic, social, environmental, political, historical, biographical, creative, artistic, personal, gender-based, religious and spiritual topics.

No subject is taboo unless presented in an offensive way.

As a group, we do not advocate for any positions or particular courses of action. But we do promote people’s ability to express their viewpoints and positions, and be heard.

We remain an inclusive and informal group, open to many possibilities, and trying to ensure that all who want to have a say can do so. With that in mind, we limit the domination of the discussion by any in the audience.

We encourage a variety of formats, from formal lecture and presentation style followed by questions and comments, to open, round-the-circle discussions. We have also enjoyed panel presentations and a traditional debate format, with participants voting for and against a particular motion.

We usually meet the second Friday of every month from September to June. Providing the group with your email is all you have to do to ensure receiving notices of upcoming events.