Cochrane Ideas – March 2022

Jorden Dye

Implications & Opportunities
for Net-Zero Canada

Friday, March 11th @ 7:00 pm

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The transition to a Net-Zero economy presents opportunities and challenges for the Canadian economy. Governments and industries have recognized that Canada cannot meet its climate commitments without significant reductions in emissions from the Oil and Gas industry. However, O&G production is concentrated in four provinces, with ~80% occurring here in Alberta. The geographic concentration of O&G emissions drives tensions between producing provinces and the rest of Canada, while also creating a perception of unfair burdens. Balancing these domestic tensions while pursuing a path to Net-Zero is key to achieving Canada’s climate commitments. This conversation aims to unpack these regional tensions to discover common climate ground and explore opportunities for Alberta in this transition.

Jorden Dye is the Program Administrator and a Researcher at Mount Royal University’s Institute for Environmental Sustainability. He is also a member of Climate Talk Canada, a pan-Canadian initiative to create space for the difficult conversations surrounding the transition to a Net-Zero Canada. A graduate of Mount Royal University, Jorden’s work on the energy industry has focused on industry response to environmental concerns and the impacts of the financial institutions embracing the energy transition.

EVERYONE WELCOME – Please do join us!