Cochrane Ideas – September 2021


Friday, September 10, 2021 at 7 p.m.
via Zoom
“Doors open” at 6:30 p.m.

Cochrane Ideas Group will gather virtually once again in September.
We hope that you will join us!

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID:   839 9141 8725                             Passcode:   895019

Well, folks … we had hoped that this next gathering of the Cochrane Ideas Group would be an in-person meeting and we had, in fact, rebooked our speaker, Mansoor Ladha, for a presentation. Unfortunately, given that Alberta is diving head-first into a fourth wave of Covid-19 and the number of active cases is rising daily, it was deemed unwise to move back to an in-person meeting just yet. Fingers crossed for a live gathering in October!


At this juncture of a full 18 months into the Covid-19 pandemic, we thought it might indeed be an opportune moment to have an IDEAS round-table discussion on where we have been, where we are at now, and where we think we are headed!

There are myriad aspects of the pandemic that provide food for thought and discussion:

* Coping with the ups and downs of Covid shutdowns and re-openings (personal & small business)
* Covid-19 variants: Reimpose restrictions? Or “open for business”?
* Long-term effectiveness of the vaccines
* Booster shots
* Vaccine cards or ‘passports’ for international/domestic travel
* Back to school & how that looks
* Mandatory vaccines in the workplace
* Restrictions worth keeping in place post-pandemic

At our Ideas round-table discussions, we do not have a designated speaker or presentation; rather, all participants are encouraged to arrive ready to share their thoughts and opinions on the topic at hand. As always, we invite a respectful exchange of ideas and an in-depth discussion of our experiences and thoughts. See you there!

 We continue to look forward to the day
when we can gather in person once again!