Cochrane Ideas – Feb 2019


with Sandy Aberdeen
At 7 pm on Friday February 8th, 2019
at King Solomon Lodge, Centre Avenue, Cochrane

Please bring snacks if you can. Doors open at 6:15 p.m.

Sandy will present selections from the Climate Reality Project derived from his training in San Francisco with former Vice President Al Gore, followed by questions and answers. Discussion could include the following points:

1. Climate Change – Is it too late?
2. How do we talk about Climate Change in Alberta?
3. What can we do? How do we go forward? What are our options for for the future?
4. Life without fossil fuels.
5. Finding Hope.

Sandy has a background in Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement. Since finishing the Environmental Management Program at the U of C over twenty years ago his passion has become devoted to learning about and becoming active with environmental issues. Climate Change as it relates to food security is one of his major interests. He and his son Brendon started one of Calgary’s first Urban Farms. He is a L.E.A.D. Fellow (Leadership for the Environment and Development), is an active member of Citizens Climate Lobby, an organization that lobbies for effective carbon pricing (Fee and Dividend) and a founding member of Calgary Citizens on Climate Change. Sandy has been trained in San Francisco to present the Climate

Thanks to all who participated in the discussion at the January Ideas about the role of women in Cochrane’s development. We were sorry, of course, that illness caused the scheduled presenter, Cheryl Harding, to cancel, but a lively, improvised evening was enjoyed.

Cochrane Ideas – Jan 2019


At 7 pm on Friday January 11th, 2019
at King Solomon Lodge, Centre Avenue, Cochrane

Please bring snacks if you can. Doors open at 6:15 p.m.
Our first Ideas session of the New Year wants to celebrate the significant contribution of women to Cochrane’s development over the years.

CHERYL HARDY, a resident of Cochrane and area for most of her life, will focus her presentation on the ladies, cowgirls and women who have shaped Cochrane. Cheryl looks forward to touching on lots of interesting stories which will intrigue and educate her audience.

Cochrane’s downtown Legacy Statue, otherwise known as the Chicken Lady, commemorates some of those women. Throughout much of the town’s history, women have played a significant role on Town Council, with three high-profile and active women mayors during the second half of the 20th century and early 21st century: Caroline Godfrey, Lydia Graham and Judy Stewart.

Because of her life-long connections with Cochrane, Cheryl Hardy is well qualified to speak on this subject. Her father’s parents had the homestead which is now the Cochrane Ecological Institute. She has been involved with many volunteer groups and has taken a leadership role in many Cochrane events. That includes her participation for several years in the town’s annual Christmas light-up campaign. She still lives on the family farm, just north of Cochrane.

Many thanks to Dr. Mark Hamilton for his presentation on Adult and Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus at December Ideas. He made a potentially difficult subject understandable and fascinating for his audience. He also demonstrated his compassion and dedication to continue treating a condition that can be reversed.