Cochrane Ideas – Dec 2018

Little-Known Disorder Looking Like Alzheimers Can Be Reversed Neurosurgical Procedure For Hydrocephalus Dramatically Saving Lives

Featuring Dr. Mark Hamilton
University of Calgary Professor of Neurosurgery;
Chair and founding member, Adult Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network; President, Hydrocephalus Society

7 pm., Friday, Dec. 14
At King Solomon Lodge, Centre Avenue, Cochrane

Bring snacks if you can. Doors open at 6:15 p.m.

Dr. Mark Hamilton is very committed to his work with hydrocephalus, he brings extensive expertise to understanding this condition. With his clinical and scientific experience as a neurosurgeon and a researcher, he is keen to inform the public about hydrocephalus.

Loss of memory, mobility problems and bladder control issues are often seen as early indicators of dementia. But these are also the same warning signals for hydrocephalus which can be completely reversible.

Normal-pressure hydrocephalus, a build-up of spinal fluids in the skull, affects an estimated one in 200 adults over 55, or 770,000 people in North America. The surgical treatment involves draining the problematic fluid from the skull. If performed early enough, a patient’s memory can be fully restored.

Weeks after the event, people are still talking about William Hawkins’ presentation on China at our Nov. 9 Ideas. Many thanks to William for putting so much energy into a stimulating and humorous evening.